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            Why is it appropriate to install the reserved position of the headlamp wire of the mirror?

            2019-09-12 161

            1. Why do you need to install mirror headlights?

            Because the mirror of the bathroom cabinet is installed on the wall, the lights of our room are installed in the middle of the roof. So when we look in the mirror, our back is against the lamp, and our face will appear very dim and unclear, which has a great impact on our facial care. With the mirror headlights, our faces will be very clear, so when installing the bathroom mirror, we should install the mirror headlights.

            2. How much appropriate is the reserved orientation of the headlamp wire?

            When decorating a house, we should first take into account the approximate orientation of the bathroom cabinet and the mirror, so that we can determine the approximate orientation of the level we reserved, then how about the height? Generally speaking, if you install the bathroom cabinet, then the mirror is on the bathroom cabinet, so the highest orientation of the mirror is about all. Between 1.7 meters and 1.8 meters, because the mirrors are all of a certain height, so do not exceed 1.8 meters when reserving the front light line of the mirror. Often some people put the reserved line in the 2-meter direction, the mirror can not cover the line, will affect the overall beauty of our room. Please pay attention to the friends who decorate the house.

            The bathroom belongs to a humid place and the lights are relatively weak, so we should choose a good bathroom mirror to adjust the lights, so as not to affect our daily life.

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