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            Introduction of Copper Wire Lamp Strings

            2019-09-12 183

              Copper wire lamp string:

              Energy-saving and environmental protection, long life, bright color, delicate shape, variety, concise and soft, good day invisibility, safe and reliable power supply, up to dozens of lighting forms; select monochrome change, fast and slow jump and flash change, color change, color mutation, etc. Its greatest benefit is the waterproof grade IP65, which can be used indoors and outdoors.

              LED copper wire lamp string:

              LED copper wire lamp string is a new skilled product, mainly used for Christmas and other festival indoor and outdoor decoration.

              LED copper wire lamp string is very energy-saving, brighter than traditional LED Christmas lamp string, more concise, 360 degree luminous, waterproof grade can reach IP44 or IP65.

              LED copper wire lamp string has many different shapes, such as: heart, star, gem, rose, Christmas tree, rice grain, petal.

              Products developed from LED copper wire lamp string include: LED ribbon lamp string, LED copper wire rainbow tube, LED copper wire pearl lamp string.

              Due to the use of pure copper wire, LED copper wire lamp string is very soft and can easily make different shapes to decorate Christmas trees, chairs, flowers and other objects.

              Led copper wire lamp string is mainly used in festival decoration. It is waterproof and can be directly put into water. Lighting line is flexible and can be zigzagged at will. The main features of the product are waterproof, energy saving, environmental protection, low temperature, long life and wide application. It can be woven into forest general lamp string and artwork.

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