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            A Brief Introduction to Soft Wire Lamp

            2019-09-12 175

              Soft-wire lamps are mainly used for festival decoration and Christmas decoration. They are waterproof and can be directly put into water. The main features of the product are: waterproof, environmental protection, low temperature, low bottom voltage, long service life, wide range of use. The lamp string can be woven into various models and various difficult crafts.

              In addition, the color of the lamp, the color of the lamp line and the shape of the lamp can be planned and produced according to the needs of customers, and the lamp series has passed CE and ROHS certification!

              Bead color: red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, purple, pink, RGB and seven colors

              Line color: silver line, brass line, black line, blue line, green line

              Shape: Rice and water beads

              Modeling Series: Snow Flower, Pentagon Star, Flower Argument, Diamond, Rice Grain, Christmas Tree, Round and so on!

              Soft-wire Lamp Manufacturer http://www.ndcenzo.com/

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