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            Reasons for Unscientific Conditions of LED Lamp Strings

            2019-09-12 193

              The improper treatment of "shading" is the reason for the above unscientific situation.

              Now the question is: Why haven't these wonderful flowers been there before, but now they can be seen everywhere?

              Answer: T5 fluorescent lamp bracket was used in the past, but now LED lamp belt is used. T5 fluorescent lamp can be thrown away at will. There are many ways to install the LED lamp belt. Why is the T5 fluorescent lamp "just throw it away"?

              Because the fluorescent lamp tube diameter is thicker (at least thicker than the LED lamp band), the height of the lamp itself is higher, the power is high, the light flux is high, so the shading is generally far away, and very trance, near and far light complement each other, generally there is no problem.

              T5 fluorescent lamp bracket in the classical lamp trough, far away from the light, more trance.

              How to install the current LED lamp band? Take a look at this live photo:

              The LED lamp belt in the lamp trough.

              The thin band of the LED lamp and the slightly lower installation position will result in significant light shielding.

              The light is clearly shaded and the light "does not shine far".

              So, how should we install it to avoid the problem of "not far away"? Simple geometry can be known: the installation height of the lamp belt is slightly higher, so that the light can be shielded from the lamp trough, light can "illuminate far".

              The height of the lamp band is almost the same as that of the shade plate of the lamp trough, and the light can be "illuminated far". You don't have to worry about who will see the beads on the lamp belt. Moreover, this installation method is more convenient for workers to screw.

              In this way, the utilization of light is higher than above, and more light flux is exported to the ceiling. Nevertheless, even so, half of the light is blocked out in the lamp trough. If the lamp belt itself has a certain degree of polarization, it will be more perfect. There are two ways of polarization, inclination and lens.

              When the lamp belt is installed with a slight inclination angle, the utilization rate of light can be improved appropriately. This method requires the manufacturer to provide inclined mounting bracket base. At present, there is no scale product, which needs customization.

              With polarizing lens, the lamp can greatly improve the utilization of light, and the projection interval will be further. This method has only one disadvantage: the price is too expensive.

              So what's wrong with the "can't come out"?

              Sawtooth is usually caused by the use of hard lamp bars, which are misplaced in the lamp groove. Just pay attention to the location of the installation and keep the light out of the light slot. Even a slight misalignment does not produce significant serrations. Of course, nowadays, the light flux of the soft lamp is getting bigger and bigger, and the use of the hard lamp is also less.

              What we talked about before is the situation that the lamp trough washes the ceiling, and another situation is that the lamp trough washes the wall, how should we consider it? Let's start with a counterexample:

              The installation method like washing the ceiling will form a perfect "shade" on the wall.

              The wall-washing lamp bar should be installed in this way. At this time, the vertical baffle of the lamp trough is no longer needed.

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